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05/07/2021 15:46:38
TC Health Pre- & Probiotic Drops are a convenient drop-form supplement that contains a proprietary blend of pharmaceutical grade beneficial probiotic bacteria, with an added prebiotic. The human body requires good bacteria to ensure a healthy gut, and to help strengthen the immune system to fight infection. These drops are ideal to help restore the good bacteria in the gut during and after taking antibiotics, to aid recovery after diarrhoea, and as part of an overall wellness regimen.
05/07/2021 15:46:24
Vitamin Sprays are easy to fit into your daily schedule, are convenient, and can be taken anywhere and any time. Simply spray directly into your mouth for an effective and convenient way to supplement your health. Vitamin Sprays have shown a 95% absorption rate through the gums, cheeks and under the tongue. Contains L-Carnitine, Gingko Biloba, an d Green Tea Extract which can help improve mental focus and help enhance memory and alertness.
Picture of Hair Skin and Nail capsules 30`s
Picture of Magnesium Max - (30)
R145,00 incl vat
TC Health Magnesium Max gelatine capsules contain 150mg elemental magnesium for supplementation. Managing magnesium deficiencies can assist to control blood pressure and aid digestion.
Picture of Calcium, Magnesium and D3 Max - (30)
TC Health Calcium, Magneisum and D3 Max is an easy to swallow once daily gelatin capsule to help support bone and muscle function, heart health, and a healthy immune system.
Picture of Vitamin C Max 500mg - (60)
R145,00 incl vat
TC Health Vitamin C Max 500mg is a convenient gelatine capsule to help supplement your daily Vitamin C requirement. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin to support your immune system.
Picture of Multivitamin Max - (30)
R150,00 incl vat
TC Health Multivitamin Max is an easy to use once daily gelatine capsule with the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function at it’s best. Helps fulfil the nutrient gap and support a healthy immune system.
Picture of Liver Support - (30)
R196,00 incl vat
TC Health Liver Support Max is a gelatine capsule formulated with powerful antioxidants. It can help with the detoxification process, recovery of the liver when under stress, and can assist with energy production.
Picture of Omega 3 softgels - (60)
R225,00 incl vat
Picture of Liquid Iron Supplement - 150ml
Picture of Headache and Pain Tonic - 150ml
Enriched with potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Tumeric and Pepper, our new Headache and Pain Relief Tonic improves the inflammatory symptoms and discomfort caused by arthritis. It eases mild to moderate pain associated with headaches, migraines and fevers.
Alkaline Fizzer (10)
R140,00 incl vat
Picture of Water Purification sachets (5 x 2.5g)
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