Hair Skin and Nail capsules 30`s

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05/07/2021 13:57:00
R185,00 incl vat
Sea Miracle Wellness Booster is made of a rich infusion of Seaweed Extract, African Potato extract and natural oils that benefit the entire body as an all-in-one wellness tonic. It is rich in minerals and has soothing and healing properties when used topically on the skin. Harvested directly from the sea, its benefits include relieving many stomach ailments, assisting with respiratory difficulties, and helping to heal skin conditions. It has shown to be an effective energy booster and all-around “feel good” tonic.
Picture of Glow Serum - 30ml
R140,00 incl vat
Keep your skin youthful and shining with TC Glow Serum.
Makeup Sponge
R100,00 incl vat
The TC Beauty Makeup Sponge is ideal for applying and blending all types of makeup formulas, making for a super soft, even finish every time.
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