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05/07/2021 15:44:40
TC Direct’s Activated charcoal is scientifically manufactured to be absorbent, allowing it to bind to molecules, ions, and atoms, and help to eliminate toxins from your body. Each Gelatine Capsule contains 500mg Activated Charcoal. Can be incorporated as a supplement when detoxing, and can assist to alleviate symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, flatulence and indigestion.
Picture of (60) Moringa Capsules
R185,00 incl vat
Moringa, a natural Superfood, provides a highly concentrated combination of Vitamin B and C, Zinc, Iron, amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and antioxidants. These capsules dissolve easily in the body and provide essential nutrients to your body. Regular use can help to prevent disease, improve the body’s ability to fight infection, increase daily energy levels and aids digestion.
05/07/2021 15:46:48
Multivitamin Elixir with Mornga powder, known as nature's pown superfood, and fortified with Ascorbic Acid, Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, can be used to support the immune system for overall good health. It has anti-oxidant properties and may help to protect the body against free radical damage. Moringa is known to be naturally nutrient rich, can lower blood sugar levels and help to improve energy levels
05/07/2021 15:46:46
R260,00 incl vat
This powerful combination of indigenous ingredients, such as Aloe and Buchu, provides natural digestive support, ensuring a clean and healthy digestive tract. It helps maintain the body’s pH balance, helps eliminate impurities, and is rich in enzymes to help normalize gut function.
05/07/2021 15:46:42
Power Up is formulated with natural ingredients to aid as a vitality booster for unisex use and has been designed to help enhance the sexual experience for men and women. The combination of these ingredients helps improve low libido, increase blood flow to the sex organs, lift energy levels and relieve anxiety symptoms.
Picture of (60) African Potato Capsules
R220,00 incl vat
Each Gelatine capsule contains 630mg of Africa Potato powder. The African Potato plant (Inkomfe) is a well known local plant, used for many years in traditional medicine. It is used traditionally to clean the digestive tract and to strengthen the immune system. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help to relieve joint pain. Daily use can assist with constipation or diarrhoea, boosting the immune system and relieving muscle stiffness as well as joint pain and swelling, due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties.
Picture of Energy Tonic with Ginseng 500ml
TC Energy Tonic with Ginseg helps to give you a quick boost of energy when you need it most. Formulated with a combination of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, Ginseng and Caffeine, which can help against fatigue and enhance physical energy and mental alertness.
Picture of Babalas Herbal tonic 150ml
R160,00 incl vat
TC Health’s sugar free Babalas Herbal Tonic, made from Tumeric, Hawthorne and Thiamine (Vitamin B1), to help clear the toxic metabolites created when alcohol is broken down. Can assist with recovery from hangovers, dehydration from drinking too much alcohol, dietary overindulgence and lack of energy.
Picture of African Potato with fulvic acid tonic 150ml
African Potato and Fulvic acid is a sugar free tonic containing the active ingredients of Hypoxis hemerocallidea radix (African Potato) and Fulvic Acid. With natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties, this combination helps maintain a strong Immune system and can be used for general well-being. Helps you feel rejuvenated and encourages optimum health.
Picture of Blood sugar control diabetic tonic
This specially formulated sugar-free tonic of Fenugreek, Cinnamon and Artemesia (Umhlonyane) helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and acts as an anti-oxidant.
Cranberry capsules 30's
R196,00 incl vat
TC Cranberry Capsules contain 550mg of Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Fruit powder. Cranberry has been shown to be a potent antioxidant and can help reduce the frequency of urinary tract infections when used regularly. May also assist in reducing the occurrence of Candida overgrowth (Thrush) and reduce the burning sensation and pain associated with bladder infections.
Picture of Blood Sugar Stabilizing Capsules 30's
Picture of (15) Bangalala Capsules
R170,00 incl vat
TC Bangalala Capsules is made with 100% Eriosema Kraussianum extract, a traditional African plant used fro it's aphrodisiac properties. Bangalala is formulated to assist with symptoms of erectile dysfunction and promote overall sexual health.
Picture of Firm and Fab Hoodia Capsules - (60)
Picture of Firm and Fab Herbal Slim - 500ml
Picture of Aura Passion 50ml + Lotion + Purse Spray + GiftBox
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