Super Savers

05/07/2021 15:45:16
R160,00 incl vat
Black Onyx Knives are both top-quality blades and super stylish, adding class and functionality to your kitchen.
Picture of (60) Moringa Capsules
R169,00 incl vat
R145,00 incl vat
Moringa, a natural Superfood, provides a highly concentrated combination of Vitamin B and C, Zinc, Iron, amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and antioxidants. These capsules dissolve easily in the body and provide essential nutrients to your body. Regular use can help to prevent disease, improve the body’s ability to fight infection, increase daily energy levels and aids digestion.
05/07/2021 15:46:40
R350,00 incl vat
"This revolutionary germ defence spray acts as a disinfectant and sanitiser. It contains HOCI (Hypochlorous Acid 33), which is a natural biocide and the perfect weapon to fight against germs. This powerful germ defence spray has been shown to be antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and is also ideal for wound care. "
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