Copper Breeze Set - Navy Queen

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Experience a renewed sense of energy with TC Health’s Detox Tea, which has specially been formulated to help eliminate toxins from the body. It assists with removing impurities from the liver and digestive system to improve its efficiency in breaking down fat. By ridding your body from toxins, you can enjoy a boost in your energy levels, enjoy a more radiant appearance and a boosted immune system. To achieve your goal weight, it is recommended that you follow a healthy diet, cut down on sugar intake, and exercise regularly.
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Sea Miracle Wellness Booster is made of a rich infusion of Seaweed Extract, African Potato extract and natural oils that benefit the entire body as an all-in-one wellness tonic. It is rich in minerals and has soothing and healing properties when used topically on the skin. Harvested directly from the sea, its benefits include relieving many stomach ailments, assisting with respiratory difficulties, and helping to heal skin conditions. It has shown to be an effective energy booster and all-around “feel good” tonic.
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