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05/07/2021 16:46:38
Sea Miracle Tooth Gel contains the finest herbal extracts, seaweed extract, and a blend of essential oils. It is naturally free of fluoride and sugar. Inspired by nature, this tooth gel contains activated charcoal, which is highly beneficial for removing stains from teeth.
05/07/2021 15:46:38
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TC Health Pre- & Probiotic Drops are a convenient drop-form supplement that contains a proprietary blend of pharmaceutical grade beneficial probiotic bacteria, with an added prebiotic. The human body requires good bacteria to ensure a healthy gut, and to help strengthen the immune system to fight infection. These drops are ideal to help restore the good bacteria in the gut during and after taking antibiotics, to aid recovery after diarrhoea, and as part of an overall wellness regimen.
Picture of Liquid Iron Supplement - 150ml
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