Elise Cross-Body

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Men's X-Treme Body Lotion - 400ml (New)
Men need to keep their skin moisturised too, so be sure to use TC Men X-Treme Body Lotion.
05/07/2021 15:46:18
Specifically formulated to help moisturise, restore and repair dry skin. Contains the comforting benefits of camphor and a blend of rich moisturising ingredients to soothe and soften skin.
05/07/2021 18:44:52
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A seductive wake, irresistible. This high-impact fragrance creates a multifaceted signature of masculinity. The freshness of grapefruit invites you into this audacious scent. Striking and assertive middle notes follow with a refined yet virile combination of rose, cinnamon, and spicy notes. The base notes evoke the ultimate velvety harmony of leather, white wood and amber . Once combined, the result is not merely one fragrance but an elegant, one-of-a kind intermingling of essences.
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