Max Relief Arnica & Hemp Oil (New)
Relieve pain with ease, with this all natural solution.
Picture of Eye Tonic - 100ml
R175,00 incl vat
Picture of Acid Balancer - 100ml
R130,00 incl vat
Pre-Workout Powdered Drink - Orange - 250g
TC Sport Pre-Workout Powdered Drink is a drink taken before your physical activity. It contains Caffeine that will help keep you focused and increase your energy. Pre-workout contains creatine, which helps improve mental alertness and mood, builds muscle, and reduces fat. Benefits: Boosts performance Increases energy before exercise. Provides mental alertness.
Post-Workout Powdered Drink - Orange - 250g
TC Sport Post-Workout Powdered Drink (Orange) is an after-exercise drink that repairs the muscles and improves stamina. It contains Amino Acids which are proteins that build muscle and reduces fat. These also provide immunity for the body. Important minerals include Creatine, Taurine which helps you to detoxify and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) with Vitamin C.
Re-Hydrate Powdered Drink - Berry - 200
TC Sport Re-Hydrate (Berry) is vital for replenishing essential minerals back in the body that are lost through activity through perspiration. These essential minerals are also lost when ill or struggling with diarrhoea. This is an Isotonic rehydration powder, meaning the solution moves freely throughout the body in the cells for maximum absorption and hydration. • May prevent muscle cramps. • Sustained energy and endurance. • Contains l-glutamine to aid recovery. May prevent muscle cramps. Sustained energy and endurance. Contains l-glutamine to aid recovery.
All in One Mass Gainer - Vanilla - 500g
TC Sport All-In-One Mass Gainer (Vanilla) is for the growth and recovery of your muscles. Our vanilla-flavoured powdered drink is high in creatine, slow-release carbohydrates and protein, which help with strength and size of your muscles and keep you in great shape. Essential minerals include Creatine Monohydrates, Whey Protein and Soy Isolate Protein with Maltodextrin for slow absorption and recovery after workouts.
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